Top 50 Blogs for Wii Addicts

When the Nintendo Wii was released, it caused a major uproar at stores that holiday season and continued to for the next couple of years. YouTube was littered with hilarious videos of kids getting (or being grounded from) their Wii, and it quickly became a console that adults wanted too. The Wii serves as the modern day family game night and gets everyone off the couch and moving…and hey, it sure beats playing Scrabble with your dad.

General Wii Blogs

For all of your general Wii news, including add-ons and new game reviews, you can turn to these video game blogs that have all of the info on products before they hit store shelves.

  1. Wii Blog This blog has all of the latest Wii news, including industry analysis of how Nintendo will keep up with the console game in coming years.
  2. Wii Nintendo Get all of your Wii news from this blog which talks about new games and changes that have been made to new editions of old games.
  3. Joystiq – Wii The Wii section of this well-known gaming blog will keep you posted on game news and additions and give you a round-up of the best Wii games of the year.
  4. The Wiitards This site no longer updates, but for those looking for information on older games from the Wii’s early days, it’s the site to visit.
  5. My Nintendo News This site is all of the Nintendo news you need to keep up with and a decent portion of it focuses solely on the Wii console.
  6. QJ – Wii News It’s a mix of all gaming console and game news at this site, which often breaks stories first regarding games and the future of the Wii.
  7. About Nintendo If it’s happening with Nintendo, you can be sure to hear about it at this About blog.
  8. KotakuThis blog covers all of video game news and is one of the first blogs to dismiss lame video games and expose cheats.
  9. Wii Scoop We love this blog because instead of being penned by folks who are gifted everything by Nintendo, the writer is an everyday Joe who shares honest opinions on games and add-ons.
  10. Nintendo – What’s New Get it straight from the horse’s mouth when you subscribe to the official Nintendo feed, which updates quite often for a corporate site.
  11. 1UP News At this blog you’ll find loads of video game news, including reviews and cheats for the Nintendo Wii.
  12. Games Radar – Wii It’s all Wii news and reviews at this site, which gives you a heads-up on some of the hottest games being released each year.
  13. Cubed 3 This gaming blog focuses on all Nintendo products, offering constant updates on the Wii, its future and how it stacks up against the competition.
  14. Nintendo Wii Gamers Blog This site no longer publishes, but it does have nifty posts over add-ons like the outdoor inflatable movie screens that can be used to put on the ultimate block party with your Wii.
  15. Nintendo Revolution Get news on the Wii and other Nintendo game pieces at this blog. We love it because the blogger offers an actual opinion on news versus just posting it.

Wii Review Blogs

For all of Wii game reviews new and old, check out these helpful blogs for making the best gaming selections for you and your family.

  1. Wii Spin This blog reviews all of the new games for the Wii and also has archived posts over older games you may run across in the $10 bin.
  2. Wii Game Reviews This site has quick game reviews over some of the more kid-friendly Wii games, as well as reviews over popular DS games.
  3. Nintendo Wii Explained This site serves as a feed with incoming video game reviews for the Wii.
  4. Wii Boost This is one of the best blogs for getting authentic Wii game reviews that can peruse with ease. Plus, the reviews aren’t so in-depth that it sucks all of the fun out of the game once you play.
  5. Test Freaks – Wii Games From graphics to sound, this game testing site reviews all of the details of a game for serious gamers.
  6. MetaCritic – Wii Games This site has reviews on nearly every Wii game you’ve ever heard of and has news on games for the new year.
  7. Wii Game Review This site has lengthy reviews of games, so if you’re weary about whether you’ll get enough bang for your buck, it’s definitely the Wii game blog to check out.
  8. CNET – Wii Games The reviews at this gaming site are done by the pros, so you know the writers are a bunch you want to take advice from when choosing new Wii games.
  9. Game Daily – Reviews This site reviews nearly every video game that comes out, so you can bet that of the thousands of reviews, a few hundred are Wii-related.
  10. Game Rankings See how your Wii games measure up to other popular games from other consoles.
  11. Game Ratio – Wii We love this gaming blog because it categorizes cheats and codes right alongside the review of the game.
  12. Wize – Wii Games At this site you’ll find reviews from real people around the web who’ve rated and scored various Wii games.
  13. Edutaining Kids If you’re concerned about the education factor in your kid’s video games, this site has a complete breakdown of the games that will benefit the brain.
  14. Game FAQs Chat with other Wii addicts at the messageboard of this site or check out reviews contributed by real people just like yourself.
  15. Wii Games Hub This is a Wii site that has plenty of info on new games and accessories for the console, but it also has over 400 game reviews for you to browse.

Wii Cheats

Stumped and need help getting around an obstacle? Or just too lazy to figure it out? Whatever your reason, these are the blogs that are packed with Wii cheats for your viewing pleasure.

  1. The Ultimate Wii Guide From cheats to troubleshooting schemes, this site is the one to bookmark should you run into any sort of trouble with a game or with your console.
  2. Wiiener This blog is packed with Wii news, plus lists of cheats and analysis of games.
  3. Wii Cheats 24/7 Get cheat codes for some of the most popular Wii games around.
  4. IGN – Wii Cheats Check this cheat code blog often since Wii cheats are posted weekly, giving you a wide variety of games to choose from.
  5. Games Radar – Wii Cheats At this site you’ll find cheats for the Wii games that everyone loves like Call of Duty and NBA 2K11.
  6. Wii Game Spy This site has loads of Wii cheats and often has the first look at new games that have yet to be released.
  7. Wii Cheat Freak Tired of getting owned at Wii Sports? Learn how to beat the system here.
  8. GameSpot – Wii Cheats Get cheats for legendary games like Zelda and Mario Kart.
  9. Wii Cheat Codes We love this Wii cheats blog because it categorizes cheats, making it easy and fast to find what you’re after.
  10. Wii Cheats Expect non-stop cheat code updates at this Wii blog that has plenty to choose from.

Wii Fit Blogs

One reason the Wii is incredibly popular is because of Wii Fit. People love the ability to work out at home without feeling intimidated or self-conscious.

  1. Zumba Fitness Wii You can bring a Zumba class right into your own living room with the help of the Wii. This blog reviews the game and tells you why it’s a must for those working out with the Wii.
  2. The Daily Journal – Fit Like Mii Read one man’s experience using Wii Fit to try and get into shape. This blog gives a review of the equipment and workouts.
  3. Balance Board Blog This is one of our favorite sites for learning about Wii fit and all of the amazing things you can do to keep yourself motivated and moving.
  4. Wii Weight Loss Plan This blog no longer updates, but it does have a lengthy account of a person’s experience with Wii and weight loss. It helps to read blogs like this to have realistic expectations of what your results might be.
  5. Fit Game Forum This site has forums for various fitness games, but the main focus is the Wii. Read about how some people are even using it for physical rehabilitation in their own home.
  6. Wii Fit This site has plenty of Wii news, but focuses on Wii Fit chat for the most part and has great articles from around the web on the Wii’s ever-evolving role in fitness.
  7. IGN – Wii Get Fit This blog project is long over with, but it does have a day-by-day account of one man’s nearly 30 day journey with Wii Fit.
  8. Wii Fit If you’re new to Wii Fit or you just want to learn what the buzz is about, this blog gives a crash course in the revolutionary fitness game.
  9. Gamr Review – Wii Fit This site is packed with Wii Fit news and reviews of particular exercises. Plus, it posts hilarious Wii Fit news from around the web.
  10. Women Workout Routines – Wii Workout Routines For women who want a review of the Wii Fit, this blog goes into detail over the workouts and training you can expect from the game.

The Wii has taken the world by storm and Wii addicts are always eager to hear about new contraptions and games coming out for the groundbreaking console. These Wii blogs show you how easy it is to have endless hours of fun with the console and make it a family affair for sharing laughs and get some healthy competition going on in the house.

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