Top 30 Mobile Gamer Blogs

If you’re reading this from a mobile device, chances are you have a computer chip full of games that have intrigued your need for gaming, yet not quite satisfied it. With the invention of the smart phone, mobile gaming device, and portable computer straight out of Star Trek, gaming has more platforms than ever, along with as many blogs as ever.

However, there is no need to do an internet search or read the latest in anonymous game reviews. Below, we have collected the top 30 mobile gamer blogs to help put you in touch with the latest and greatest in gaming, along with tips for what to get next, how to beat it, and what to stay away from. Whether for the latest iPhone or classic Gameboy, there are loads of mobile gaming blog entries for everyone.

Top Mobile iPhone Gamer Blogs

Turn your iPhone, iPad, or other Apple device into your latest gaming obsession with the help of the below blogs.

  1. Finger Gaming
    Gaming on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are the focus of this blog. Regular entries are on everything from video games in battles to word games. Forum discussions often give helpful hints on what to play and how to play it. There are also several other blogs on gaming to choose from here.
  2. Slide to Play
    Stop here for game reviews for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. They include regular entries in cheats, news, price drops, and video previews. They also include a weekly review of the top ten games in the App Store.
  3. No Dpad
    The Games of the Month section is reason enough to check out this blog. Gaming for the iPhone and iPad are the topic of most blog entries. Sections available include reviews, previews, editorials, interviews, and a forum with more.
  4. Touch Arcade
    “Keeping you in touch with the latest in iPhone gaming” is the goal of this blog. A newsfeed keeps up to date with the latest in game releases. There are also exclusive looks along with reviews of mobile games.
  5. Touch Reviews
    This blog reviews apps for the iPhone and related devices, along with gaming news. Choose by device or upcoming games. Popular posts include five must have Christmas games and the 4G iPod touch.
  6. IPwnGames
    Reviews and news on games are often the topic of blog posts here. You can also choose from categories such as accessories, interviews, and Mac. A recent post was on the ten best free iPhone games.
  7. iPhone Reviews
    Visit here to get reviews and previews for the latest in iPhone, the focus often being games. The iPad has been taking the place of recent posts. Gamers on the Xbox 360 will also find a blog just for them.
  8. Apple iPhone Games
    Categories on this blog range from 3D games to the newest. Along with the usual reviews and such, they also provide tidbits such as tips for gaming on the go and game development. They also have other recommendations for the iPhone such as cases, skins, and other gadgets.
  9. Andy’s Reviews
    Games for the iPhone and beyond are discussed on this blog. Andy allows visitors to send him games for his review and to be featured on the blog. There are also useful YouTube videos as well as details on upcoming games.

Top General Mobile Gamer Blogs

These gaming blogs deal with mobile games for just about every system.

  1. Pocket Gamer
    Whether iPhone, Android, or even the new Windows 7 Phone, there are loads of blog entries on each here. The Free Stuff section offers choices such as competitions, demos, and even a Friday Freebie. Be sure not to miss the popular stories with the best in mobile gaming.
  2. TouchGen
    Along with iPhone game reviews, they also feature items on gear and other mobile games. Choose from type of game from arcade to strategy, or submit a game for review. They also offer a podcast with more.
  3. The Portable Gamer
    In addition to the usual Apple devices, there are entries on the Palm and Android with a gamer’s focus. Console games and comics can also be blogged about. You can even choose from two different podcasts on mobile gaming.
  4. Games Blog
    This is the official video game blog of the UK paper “The Guardian.” With a section for just the mobile games, Keith Stuart tells all. You can also find loads of other blog entries on many kinds of video games.
  5. Games on Deck
    This blog stands out for its Job Connect section. You can also get the usual news and features here. In step with mobile gaming, they also have a newsfeed for the mobile industry.
  6. Test Freaks
    This massive collaborative group blog is for those who test a host of things as they come out. With a special section for mobile gaming, you can get reviews from someone who has actually played them on everything from magic to motorcars. There are also loads of reviews on everything tech and electronic related.
  7. Destructoid
    This blog starts with 20 independent video game writers and then follows up with a massive blogging community. Choose your blog by system, writer, or just the latest. Contests and giveaways happen often so visit often.
  8. Joystiq
    The Nintendo DS and PSP are just some of the mobile devices available here. You can also get blog entries specifically for mobile gamers which include the latest in reviews and news. There are also screenshots, videos, and a podcast with more.

Top Specific Mobile Gamer Blogs

These blogs deal with a specific mobile gaming device.

  1. App Gamer
    This blog is where apps meet games. Get the best in both with a read of the latest entry. There are also several blogs on the site to choose from.
  2. Android Rundown
    Just as the name promises, this blog is devoted to all things Android. In addition to price drops, be sure not to miss the Top 100 Apps with more. You can choose to get just the gaming items, or read the latest on the blog.
  3. Game Tab
    Check out the section on PSP games from this one site. In addition to putting the spotlight on current and upcoming games, they also show where you can get your own PSP on the cheap. There are also tons of other resources on gaming systems.
  4. PSP World
    Visit here to get blog entries just for the mobile Playstation here. Sections to choose from include games, gear, downloads, and even Play 4 Cash. You can also check out the Game Flavor Forums with more.
  5. Classic Game Room
    Looking for a game for a classic mobile device, such as your original Game Boy? Then visit this blog for the best in classic gaming. Reviews of recent, along with classic games, are often offered.
  6. Nadia’s Nintendo DS Blog
    Learn more about Nintendo’s mobile gaming device by checking out this blog. She includes the basics and buying advice, reviews, and even homebrew. A recent entry was a review of Resident Evil.
  7. The Official Palm Blog
    Palm devices aren’t only for getting things done. This mobile device also offers tons of gaming, and the blog often discusses them. One of the latest posts was on Angry Birds.

Top Specialty Mobile Gamer Blogs

Check out these blogs to read more on a particular aspect of mobile gaming.

  1. Gamasutra
    There is a business side to mobile gaming. Visiting here can get you all kinds of expert insight into the art and business of making games. Choose from your favorite blogger, or check out all the posts.
  2. iGame Stats
    Think you’re really good at a mobile game? Then stop here to compare and post scores with others who are like minded. They even have a top rating of recent iPhone games.
  3. Giggle Apps
    If looking for an item for your little mobile gamer, visit here. This blog is written by a mother, who also happens to love her iPhone, and all the items she finds for kids. Over 200 reviews and counting feature tons.
  4. Gay Gamer
    Gaming with the homosexual in mind is the focus of this blog. A community of bloggers write about everything from electronics to pop culture. There are also interesting tidbits on the top 20 gayest characters and the Gay Gamer of the Week.
  5. Retrogamer
    Those who miss the video games of their youth will find many blog entries to satisfy their cravings here. Classic games from Joust to Street Fighter often make the headlines and are often available on mobile devices. They also have an online channel and podcast.
  6. EA Mobile
    Finally, if you’re done reading and ready to start playing, click here. This is the official mobile site for Electronic Arts and offers loads of mobile choices. Current features include the best from Pogo games, Need for Speed, and Reckless Racing.

It doesn’t matter if your mobile gaming device is fresh out of the box or if you have already had complaints from your friends on high score bragging, the above top 30 mobile gamer blogs have something for you. In addition to recommendations, they can also help you design a game for a mobile device or even get a job in the industry, so be sure to visit those that speak to you often.

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