The Average Salary as a Video Game Designer

If you enjoyed playing video games as a kid (and even has a young adult), you can turn that hobby into a career by becoming a video game designer. The video game industry is booming, with more and more studios expanding their operations every day, so many companies are hiring workers, especially in entry-level design positions. How much can you expect to make in this field? Let’s take a look at the average salary of video game designer.

Base Salary as a Game Designer

Video game designers can make anywhere from $30,000 to $90,000, depending on a number of factors. Traditionally, location plays a huge role in the salary you’re offered in any industry, but this is one industry where location is not a factor. To work as a game designer, you’ll be employed with a studio, typically working on a single game until it is released (and then working on expansions and patches and possibly sequels if the game is successful). So, in this industry, your salary is determined by two main factors: your experience as a designer and the success of the game you’ve worked on in the past. In general, you can expect to make in the $40,000 to $50,000 range, though you’ll make less when you’re first starting out and more as you continue to work in the industry.

Indie Game Design

In the video game design industry, you have an additional option – you can work as an independent game designer. With this kind of job, your game doesn’t have funding from a game publisher, so you won’t receive a traditional salary. However, when you sell the game, you also receive full profits, not the trickle down money after the studio take their cut. This is a risky choice, but for some, it is the best way to break into the industry. As an indie developer, your salary depends on the success of your game; some have made millions, while others never get off the floor.

Video Game Designer Bonuses

As a video game designer, you likely won’t just receive your base salary. When you work for a game studio and the game you’re working on does well, the company will likely reward all of its employees with a bonus. You can expect bonuses of up to $15,000 annually, so this is a substantial part of your income!

Guide to Video Game Designer Schools

While the production behind video games is in some cases massive, most programs prepare students for any of the various elements involved including level design, storyboards, sketches, and character design. Students also learn how to design for various platforms including consoles, computers, and even smartphones. Get in touch with one of the top online video game designs schools for free by using any of the link in the following list.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh–Those enrolled in BFA in Game Art and Design program and the Art Institute of Pittsburgh will hone their artistic skills in relation to game design and creation. Students are taught the importance of gameplay design, along with how create viable gaming characters and interactive virtual environments.
Full Sail University–Full Sail's Bachelor of Science in Game Design provides its students with the chance to cultivate the skills needed to design games and aid in interactive storytelling. Those enrolled will learn how to plan, develop and test their work to be professionally marketable and help prep for careers with design companies.
Liberty University–Liberty University's BSIS in Gaming Technologies degree provides enrollees the chance to effectively develop their coding language skills and multi-programming techniques, while being able to test gaming and application projects. Knowledge attained through the degree program will provide the fundamentals needed to be successful in the web and mobile platforms.

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