20 Great Sites to Learn the Ins and Outs of Video Game Design

If you love to play video games, this could be your first step into a career as a game designer. But, game development jobs also require serious skills, and only highly qualified people find jobs. Plus, jobs change rapidly as new technologies emerge, so it pays to stay in the loop. Learning curves are constant, but the thrill of creating something that others can enjoy is exciting. Depending upon what you want to do in this field, you can focus on design, artistic development, programming, and testing. Learning the ins and outs of this industry requires knowledge, so we’ve included sites in this list that focus on those skills. Continue reading

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40 Helpful Independent Game Design Forums

Video games are increasingly becoming a preferred form of entertainment. Indeed, game design has grown from something offline, like board games, to include video games and even mobile games. There are a number of talented people out there, creating games and marketing them.

However, even if you have a great idea, it can be hard to get it off the ground. No matter what kind of game designer you are, it is possible for you to share your vision with others. You can also find support and pointers. If you are looking to design games, here are 40 design forums that can help you refine your ideas and make great connections:

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The 15 Greatest Video Game Designers of All Time

Whether you love or hate them, video games have become a billion dollar industry and have made their way into just about every home with characters as recognizable as Mickey Mouse. Everything from Italian plumbers to mythical beasts has been featured in games and has given players the opportunity to escape into an interactive world where the quest involves everything from rescuing a princess to saving the entire universe.

But how did we go from a simple ball and paddle game to the all-encompassing networks of today? It was with the help of the 15 greatest video game designers of all time. While every gamer has his or her favorite, there is no arguing that their particular favorite could not have come about without the contributions of the below.

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Top 50 Blogs for Wii Addicts

When the Nintendo Wii was released, it caused a major uproar at stores that holiday season and continued to for the next couple of years. YouTube was littered with hilarious videos of kids getting (or being grounded from) their Wii, and it quickly became a console that adults wanted too. The Wii serves as the modern day family game night and gets everyone off the couch and moving…and hey, it sure beats playing Scrabble with your dad.

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Top 30 Mobile Gamer Blogs

If you’re reading this from a mobile device, chances are you have a computer chip full of games that have intrigued your need for gaming, yet not quite satisfied it. With the invention of the smart phone, mobile gaming device, and portable computer straight out of Star Trek, gaming has more platforms than ever, along with as many blogs as ever.

However, there is no need to do an internet search or read the latest in anonymous game reviews. Below, we have collected the top 30 mobile gamer blogs to help put you in touch with the latest and greatest in gaming, along with tips for what to get next, how to beat it, and what to stay away from. Whether for the latest iPhone or classic Gameboy, there are loads of mobile gaming blog entries for everyone.

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