40 Helpful Independent Game Design Forums

Video games are increasingly becoming a preferred form of entertainment. Indeed, game design has grown from something offline, like board games, to include video games and even mobile games. There are a number of talented people out there, creating games and marketing them.

However, even if you have a great idea, it can be hard to get it off the ground. No matter what kind of game designer you are, it is possible for you to share your vision with others. You can also find support and pointers. If you are looking to design games, here are 40 design forums that can help you refine your ideas and make great connections:

Video Game Design

Visit these forums if you want to connect with other video game designers. You can share your ideas with someone else, or get feedback on your own game. Find support, and even connect with others who may know how you can go about getting your game picked up by someone else.

  1. gamedev.net: Critique other games and trends, and get ideas for your own games.
  2. Game Design X Forum: All things related to designing games, from scripting and levels to perspective and animation.
  3. Indiegamer Developer Discussion Boards: A variety of forums related to being an indie game designer. Great advice, inspiration and more.
  4. Game Development: This forum from GameTrailers.com is a great resource. You can even look at different areas, including designing games for specific gamin consoles.
  5. The Game Creators Forums: Different forums for online video game development and more.
  6. Game Design Novice: Plenty of helpful forums to get you started.
  7. GameSalad Forums: Everything you need to develop your own video game. Job announcements, tips, and even marketing and business help.
  8. Game Developer Cafe: A helpful place for all things game design, especially video gaming and online gaming. Insights, tips and helpful hints anyone can use.
  9. Major League Gaming: You can get good information about games, and even design, from this forum.
  10. International Game Developers Association: Join and get ideas, and share news about the industry.
  11. The Game Design Forum: Use this site to connect with other designers, swapping game ideas and getting technical tips.
  12. Blender Artists Community: Great discussions with other creative types, including game designers. Plenty of interesting topics of discussion.
  13. Graphic Designer Forums Talk: Inspire your creativity, as well as get helpful tips and ideas for designing the look of your game.
  14. Dev Shed Forums: This isn’t exactly a game design forum, but it does offer different helpful forums on aspects that could be useful in developing online video games.
  15. BYOND: Game design ideas and development.

Mobile Game Design

With the explosion of smart phones, mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular. You can visit forums to share your vision for different mobile gaming apps. Learn more about what makes a great app game, and refine your offering.

  1. Game Development: This forum provides you with ideas and information about developing mobile games.
  2. Imagine Cup: Forums focused on the Imagine Cup game design competition. Get some ideas, and learn how to design games for different media.
  3. App Hub Forums: Learn more about developing games for Windows phones and the Xbox 360.
  4. Developer Forums: Apple developers looking to create game apps for iPhone can start here.
  5. iPhone Dev SDK Forum: Great resource for those looking to develop games for the iPhone.
  6. Android Development: Perfect place to start to learn about developing apps for the Android, including gaming apps.
  7. Developers General Chat: Another great place to go to connect with other gaming app developers using Android.

Educational Game Design

There is an entire segment of the game design world devoted to educational games. You can learn more about what makes an educational game fun, and even get ideas for your next game. Help children learn, even while they are having gun.

  1. Product Development Forum: You can get ideas and see the latest in educational game development.
  2. EDUCATIONAL games: Connect with other developers and discuss ideas for educational games.
  3. DiGRA: Digital game design, including educational games.
  4. Educational Toys & Games: Different game ideas and information about development appears in some threads.

RPG Game Design

Ready to make your own role playing game? Or do you want further develop an existing one for your own enjoyment? These forums can help you out.

  1. Forum: Game Design & Development: Great ideas and inspirations from the forum users at RPG.net.
  2. The Forge: Great forums and discussions related to developing RPGs — and making them fun.
  3. Design, Development, and Gameplay: theRPGsite offers a great forum that can help you with role playing game design and development.
  4. Game Design & Theory: Perfect for RPG lovers and makers.
  5. Game Design/RPG Maker/Rom Hacking: Great ideas and solid connections on this Vizzed Board forum.
  6. Ye Olde Gaming Companye: A cool place to hang out if you want to get more information on RPGs, including designing your own game.
  7. The Grognard’s Tavern: Plenty of cool RPG design and development ideas, and connections with other enthusiasts.
  8. RPG Crosstalk: Different forums that can provide you with insight and more.
  9. Game Design Forum: Great information and connections from RPG Table Talk.

Board Game Design

Even with the popularity of electronic games, there are still those who enjoy playing board games. If you have an idea for a board game or card game that is a little more old school, you can visit forums to connect with like minded designers, or find information on how to publish and market your game.

  1. Board Game Design: Board Game Geek offers a great forum dealing with all things board game design.
  2. Board Game Designers Forum: Check out the boards here, including game ideas, design theory and even play testing. A great place for indie game designers.
  3. Game Design Bulletin Board: Includes board game design, as well as other types of games. A great place for independent beginners to find support.
  4. DiscoverGames.com: A variety of opportunities for connecting with other game designers.
  5. Game Maker Community: Check out this forum for information on all types of games, including board game development.
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